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Return of the King

 The realm of nature knows / her creator by name / anticipation grows / for the coming of the day / 

 the restless earth awaits / and hears Him whisper / in the wind / I'm coming again // CHORUS : On

 that day,on that day when you return / I'll see you and I'll hear you call my name / and all the people 

 of the earth will gaze at the glory of the king / and His majesty displayed // The kingdom of heaven

 is drawing near / The king of all creation / reaches out to every tongue / and calls to every nation / 

 let my people know that I / that I'm only one command away and soon / I'm coming again // CH //

 BRIDGE : And when you hear the trumpet / trumpet blast from heaven / you know the King is on His

 way / and when you see the angels / shout aloud like thunder / you know the King is on His way 


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