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           I bring years of passion in writing, recording and producing music.

                          Always learning and looking to better my craft

                    Let me help you take your songs to their full potential.

                         I  offer mainly a producing and mixing service,

                         I am also happy to co-write and add additional

                       vocals and  instrumentation as the project requires.

                      Take a look and listen to my style throughout my site .

        Would love to hear from you if you feel I can help with your next project.

               Click on the links below to see the services I offer and pricing.

Here is a song I recently  produced called "From this house" written by     Yvonne Shepherd (Lead vocals and Piano) 

from Equippers Church Ngauranga

FROM THIS HOUSE Yvonne Shepherd
00:00 / 03:57

                           Below are some more examples a few projects I mixed / produced

           The 3 songs below were recorded live in a church hall running into the sound desk

                                                  captured into recording software.

                 I took the raw tracks and mixed them to be synced with  the video footage

                                                       taken during the recording.

                                    Click on the link below to watch / hear the 3 songs.


Short sample below of raw tracks then mixed tracks from same section

                   Below another project with the brief to bring together

          members of the church music team singing along to the track

      adding melody / harmonies recording themselves mainly on iphones,

             a big challenge bringing all the audio / video parts together

                         with a short turn around but it worked out well.

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