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My Parents were ministers in the Salvation Army, I took up learning brass and piano from a young age,also singing in the choir.Self learning the guitar later on.That's me and my sister listening to music on nana's headphones (which I still have)


My first band was called ABC - (Aidan,Brent,Craig. We wrote songs about the girls at church and rapped lyrics out of the Salvation Army song book

Here's a sample of our genius lyrics ;-)

"ABC is the place to be / rapping down in harmony / so come along and get on down / cause ABC is back in town / AR,BH,CM 3"

Band Reunion a fews years on

I attended the Excel school of performing arts in 1995-96, touring NZ in the second year, Our set design was a large clock on an angle, I did some tutoring at the school for a few years after that.


In 1998 our talented friend Tim joined us on bass completing the three piece Partisan, recording our debut EP "Real" at York st studios onto 1/2" tape

We were 3 OK's which stands for 'Officers Kids' (Salvation Army ministers kids)

A quick snippet below from a practice leading up to the Parachute gig in 1999.Aidan wasn't happy with the how the practice was going,I felt sorry for him having to play to a click track as I loved programming lots of backing tracks! Things came together in the end for a good gig.

Real - Partisan
Like angels do - Partisan
Monami - Partisan

Teaming up with my best friend and long time musical partner in crime - Aidan,We formed Aslan / New Zealand boys / Partisan.Recording an album demo in Australia with the hope of heading to Nashville to break into the gospel music scene, pictured below with one of our influences - Kevin Max from DC Talk. The move to Nashville didn't quite eventuate. 

The good old days of cassette tape
A BROS moment

A few more vids - Our first gig with Aidan's brother - Bryant adding some extra BV's

A gig back in Palmy, where ABC was formed,we only played one cover as a band which was 'Freedom' by WHAM!

These were my weapons of choice for 

creating music : Ensoniq TS-10 Synth, Akai 1000 sampler and Technics gold edition turn tables (can't believe I sold them!) you can see nana's headphones on the couch :-)

'Jump house' music video filmed at Waiwera

hots pools sliding down one of the hydro slides countless times holding a custom made case with the camera inside.

Some clips from our first gig in 2001

A snippet of 'Old Skool' we may have had more success if we kept with this as our first single.This track got a NZ on Air grant for a music video and song but us and the record label (Sony) changed it for 'Jumphouse'

Singing 'Acceptable' at an open mic night in L.A

'Psalm 151' live

'Return of the King' Live

'Surrender' live

Recording vocals for 'Gift from Heaven' (Tayla's song)

debut album 'Surrender'

'Funky little hip hop angel' video

I enjoy producing / mixing with the Audiofreaks production company.

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