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Welcome to the family / we've been waiting for / and now you're here / 

welcome to the journey / there's so much to show you / we'll surround you 

with our love / you're our miracle child // CHORUS : You're a gift from heaven / 

you're a gift from heaven // And I knew you before they all knew you / I formed

you in her womb / and I have plans for you for good and not to harm you / I'll

give you a vision for your life / You're a miracle child // CHORUS // BRIDGE :

This day we dedicate you back to the one who gave you life / and as you walk

through this world and through your life may you find / The Holy one for He is

the only one // Gift from heaven / you're a gift from heaven / you're a gift from 

heaven / you are / you are our gift baby // You are our gift from heaven baby

Live gig 2008
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