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Funky little hip hop angel

verse 1

Walking down the street one afternoon not doing anything but window shopping

thought I’d pop into my favorite stop / my pupils dilated blinded by the beauty

waiting at the counter at the store I couldn’t hold back no more / had to move on

over closer common sense had left the building running on adrenaline / romanticism

running through my head my mind was spinning couldn’t waste any more time I

had to make this honey mine /


she was my funky little hip hop angel / my funky little hip hop angel /

she was my funky little hip hop angel (I said ) one day girl we’ll get together

some time yall we’ll get together

verse 2

walking on the clouds my feet were rising off the ground / my heart was beating

louder as glided over to the counter / she smiled at me and every thing around us

disappeared / she made me feel alive like I was  thirteen years old again / she

gave me butterflies / capitulated by her beauty then I tried a pick up line sounded

corny in my mind / she was a one of kind and I was lost in eyes / I had to do

something to make this candy coated honey mine /

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